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OneWrap is a Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapper.

OneWrap is the right solution for most common pallet wrapping needs. It is a semi-automatic machine for
wrapping palletized loads with stretch film. It can be equipped with mechanical and electromagnetic brake
(EM / M / FM)
 or mechanical and powered pre-stretch carriages (SM – 90% / LP – 240%).

New Control Panel

It has been designed a sleek and modern control panel with understandable icons. OneWrap can be programmed
with 10 different programs, allowing consistent wrapping cycle for a given product.

The machine has 5 different modes of operation:

Automatic UP ONLY

Automatic UP & DOWN





Control Panel Features

Different speed of the carriage in ascent and descent phase.

Top sheet application cycle with programmable amount of carriage descent before pause (time delay).

Overwrap amount programmable from the control panel (time delay).

Cycle can be stopped at any point and then continued (useful for corner protections application).

Large display with two digits to view parameters to be adjusted (speed, number of loops, film tension,
overwrap, times, top sheet descent level and error code display).

Key Features

  • Different turntables, carriages and columns available
  • Belt driven carriage
  • Two forklift access point for machine easy repositioning
  • Pallet height photocell
  • Reclining column hinged to the base to facilitate machine installation and possible repositioning
  • Turntable blocking feature to avoid movements during loading and unloading operation

  • Options

  • Platform diameter options: 1500 mm HS (max. 1200 Kg) / 1650 mm (16) / 1800 mm (18) / 2200 mm (22)
  • Extended column (M) for pallets up to 2400 mm
  • LP powered pre-stretch carriage up to 200%
  • Carriage for net/mesh
  • Integrated weighing system
  • Burial frame
  • Photocell for black film or colored products
  • Electric panel heater for environment temperatures from -5 °C to +5 °C
  • Loading ramp
  • Safety fences and anti-intrusion barriers
  • Stainless steel version


  • Flexible
  • Reliable
  • Easy to Install
  • User-friendly control panel



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